If we were sharing this space face-to-face, you could name the place. A mountain trail punctuated with dramatic waterfalls. A quaint coffee shop with a little alternative indie music. A corner mom-and-pop bookstore. A bustling Italian restaurant with a roaring wood oven. Or just the quiet comfort of home and a plush throw. What would you pick?

A few of my favorite things? I’m an eclectic mix of all things faith, family, and art—with a heap of farm girl. I am over-the-moon for the two young men who graciously call me mama. They’re my musketeers. Though one has graduated, we homeschooled from start to finish. They are the laughter and the adventure of my world.

Whether the art of the moment is painting with heart words, a watercolor brush, a Nikon lens, my patient guitar, or the food on our plates, I breathe creating something new.

You’ll see me refer to strolling through tall grass. My roots are in midwest country prairies and pastures. That tall grass can be hard to navigate come summer. But it’s beautiful. The mountain trails these boys and I find… they can be steep. But the vistas open like a pop-up book—majestic, sweeping, and reward the climb. Life really is in the steps along the way.

Let’s share a cup of coffee or sweet southern tea, and we’ll create a little community?

Stroll a bit?